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This section contains information about the various reporting options that are available in the NC State Remedy system.

The Remedy system has the ability to create basic reports. If you are using the Remedy Windows client, the process is documented here:

If you are using the Remedy Web client (Mid-tier), the process is documented here: (See Appendix C)

However, the interfaces for doing so is somewhat primitive and the capabilities are somewhat limited. To resolve this issue, we have developed a set of "canned" reports using the campus SAS Business Intelligence environment. This set of reports includes the following types of reports:

  • Detailed Remedy_Metrics
  • Initial-Workgroup to Final-Workgroup Distributions
  • Remedy_Metrics_for_Multiple_Workgroups
  • Remedy_Metrics_for_Single_Workgroup

Access to these reports is controlled and requires a Unity/Eos login and password. To request access to these reports, contact HELP@NCSU.EDU. Include your login name and indicate that you are requesting access to to the Remedy SAS BI reports. Information about how to access and run the Remedy SAS BI reports can be found on the Documentation page in the "Training Materials" section.

A third alternative is to use a combination of the Remedy built-in reporting tools and an external program for manipulating data such as MS Excel. The Remedy client is used to formulate and execute the query that will select the records that you will report on. Then the report interface is used to export the selected records as a "Comma Separated Values" (CSV) file. You can then use Excel or some other program to process and present your Remedy data.

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