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User Documentation

Remedy Mid-tier

BMC Remedy Mid Tier Guide [PDF]

Remedy User Tool

Remedy User Tool Documentation [HTML]

OUC Reference List

List of OUC numbers and their respective unit.  [XLS]

Remedy Business Objects Reports

How to access and run the Remedy Business Objects reports.  [PDF]

Installing the Windows User Tool

Installing and Configuring the Windows User Tool [HTML]

Attachment Support

Using Attachments in the Windows User Tool [HTML]

Training Materials

Remedy Basics

Using Remedy AR User at NC State [PDF]

Remedy Advanced Topics

Advanced features of AR User including searches, reporting, and macros [PDF]

Remedy Metrics Reporting

How to use SAS Business Intelligence - Web Report Studio [PDF]

Data Dictionaries


Calls_Customer join form.

ARS API Documentation and Examples

ARSperl Programmer's Manual

ARSperl Programmer's Manual [HTML].

PHP API Information

NC State Developed PHP API [HTML].

ARSPerl Report Example

ARSPerl Report Example.

C API Guide

C API Guide (Version 5.1) [PDF].

API Programmer's Guide

Remedy API Programmer's Guide (Version 4.0) [PDF].

Sybase --> Oracle Migration

Things we considered as we migrated from Sybase to Oracle.

Developer Documentation (Version 5)

Apps Dev Guide - Basic

Developing AR System Applications: Basic (Version 5.1) [PDF].

Apps Dev Guide - Advanced

Developing AR System Applications: Advanced (Version 5.1) [PDF].

C API Guide

C API Guide (Version 5.1) [PDF].

Developer Documentation (Version 4)

Concepts Guide

Remedy Concepts Guide (Version 4) [PDF].

Admin. Guide Vol. 1

Remedy Administrators Guide, Volume 1 (Version 4) [PDF].

Admin. Guide Vol. 2

Remedy Administrators Guide, Volume 2 (Version 4) [PDF].

API Programmer's Guide

Remedy API Programmer's Guide (Version 4.0) [PDF].

API Programmer's Guide

Remedy API Programmer's Guide (Version 4.5) [PDF].

ARS Compatibility Matrix

ARS Version 6.03.00

ARS Version 6.03.00 Compatibility Matrix [XLS].

ARS Version 7.6.03

ARS Version 7.6.03 Compatibility Matrix [PDF].

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