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NC State Remedy System

When folks speak of "Remedy @ NC State", they are probably referring to the problem tracking system that was in wide use by a variety of technical support staff in many different colleges and departments here at NC State before we transitioned to ServiceNow. Since we have transitioned to ServiceNow, these pages are mostly obsolete. Much of the information here is out of date and any links that interfaced with the decommissioned Remedy system will fail to function as expected.

More precisely, "Remedy" is the name of a software product owned by BMC called the Remedy Action Request System (ARS). Remedy ARS is a Client-server software application toolset. Here at NC State, we have used the Remedy AR System to develop a problem tracking system for help desk staff and other technical support staff.

The NC State Remedy system has approximately 300 active users attending to 185 workgroups spread across 55 colleges, departments and support organizations. During 2007, approximately 96,450 calls were logged in the Remedy system.

These pages document the NC State Remedy implementation. Here you will find information about recent changes to the system, documentation and training materials, client downloads and links for requesting new Remedy accounts, workgroups and solutions.

If your college or department is interested in utilizing the NC State Remedy system as part of your customer support effort, please contact the Remedy services group by email at:

Remedy System Upgrade Information

The NC State Remedy system underwent a major upgrade on December 17, 2011. The system was upgraded from version 5.1.2 to version 7.6.03.

There are several implications of this upgrade which may impact your use of the Remedy system:

  • The old OIT Remedy Web client has been replace by the new vendor-supplied Web client, known as "Mid-tier". The Mid-tier client can be accessed at:

  • The Windows client that you might have used to access the Remedy system may need to be upgraded to the version that matches the current system. Client and download information can be found on the Clients and Downloads page.

  • Authenticating to the Remedy system has changed. In addition to using your existing Remedy-specific login password, you can also use your Wolftech Active Directory password to login to the Remedy system.

  • Some of the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) used to integrate Web pages and other systems with the NC State Remedy system have changed. The old OIT PHP API has been replaced with a new API built around a set of Web services. Additional information can be found on the Clients and Downloads page.

Additional information about the Remedy system upgrade can be found in Sysnews Post 4edf6be1.

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